July Moon

Moonshine, July 12th, 2007, at good ol’ Laundry Bar.

Lied, with special effects of the angry rock variety.

Adlin Rosli is shiny.

Adil shreds for Milli’z.

Milli’z is sometimes dark, sometimes acoustic, sometimes dreamy, and always enjoyable.

MeetUncleHussain! Jumpy vocalist with high pitched falsettos.

Kickass riffs and emo falsettos like MUSE.

Guess who he’s playing for now!

Guess who he’s playing for now!

Stonebay, grunge rock. Kickass riffs too, but with low macho vocals instead.

3 thoughts on “July Moon

  1. huiwen7 Post author

    Oh my, the photograph of Adlin Rosli is so crisp-y, I can even see his blackheads, pores and chicken pox marks! And I must observe how you frame guitarists and musicians, cos’ I simply don’t know how…


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