Project Bazooka at Laundry Bar, 19th July 2007. Penang Invasion night!

Two Sides To A Story, modern rockers.

Shot from the bar on a bar stool with the 600mm F11 combo, with Sony HVL-F56AM flash pointed directly, ISO400. I finally have another case of red-eye!

Poseidon, Penang mari.

I love their metal riffs!

Melodic and yet thrashy, with plenty of progressions.

Ooooo guitar solo.” Shot at ISO1600. Whoever complains of the Sony Alpha 100’s noise doesn’t know how easy it is to clean up.


It was truly shredder night for the last two bands, and bliss for my air-guitaring left hand. Oceans Of Fire, all instrumental, all technical.

Even the drummer pauses to see what’s cooking.

A MIDI jack, perhaps. These guys won second place in Asian Beat 2006.

Here, this is how you play bass!

4 thoughts on “Sh-Red

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    SilverIsle: Thank you!

    saifulrizan: For your digicam, set your ISO to 200 or 400, then set your EV to -1 or -2 until there is less motion blur. You can use NeatImage and Photoshop later.

    ShaolinTiger: Thanks! Ironically, that only gives me 1/3rd of a stop more from the last stop, in terms of shutter speed, so it’s just ISO1000. I can see its use when dialling in +2/3rds for flash.


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