Ready To Hate

Now for shots from the Tribute To Radiohead, 20th July 2007, KL Jamasia.

Dopplegengger, who started with Just (which I’d rather have as an outro song, with everybody on the floor ala the video), Electioneering, Let Down and Paranoid Android.

Somewhere before it all the electricity tripped, and I took this 1 second exposure at 50mm F1.4 ISO1600.

The self-declared awesome possum in the picture above can solve one of these! (Of course, the Rubik’s Cube shown here was solved by me. Some chick just bought it and I pretended it was my first time figuring it out… in near darkness.)

I would like to take credit for teaching her how, almost entirely over SMS. 😀

Back to the show! Now Everyone Can Play Radiohead was this band’s name.

They played Fake Plastic Trees, High And Dry and I don’t quite remember what else.

Gotta love Izuan’s fire hazard guitar effects.

These guys were so good, the intensity of the haunting music was so strong, I felt it rip through the very fabric skin of me. The emo-ness of it all was too much to bear, I wanted to rub myself against the effects pedals and self-combust. The emotion was beyond wanting to cry. Of course, only two people ever knew what really happened to me.

I distanced myself from the stage, walked to the back for some fresh air, and their set was over.

Ham of Seven Collar T-Shirt is well prepared for anything Jonny Greenwood can muster.

Wow, that looks like so much fun. I wanna headbang too!

Yep, Evol, who I last saw at the Incubus Tribute, did a rockin’ cover of Karma Police. It was the first song I heard from them…

…and one that is so great to swing and headbang to.

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