Hey Man, Nice Shoes

27th July 2007: Fireflies And Something Something at KL Jamasia.

Kien Kit of Silent Scenery, master shoegazer, at work.

Ivan does the rhythm for their lush soundscape.

Ask Me Again. This quickly divided the night into two distinct genres; emo and post-rock.

Sky Juice Coffee turns into an emo core band. They did punk rock so well before.

Champion! A Nikon D40 with Nikkor AF-D 50mm F1.8D lens. Yes, she can only use it in manual focus.

Do not be fooled by the number of pedals here; post-rock only requires one post-rock pedal. The rest are there just to look colorful and pretty and give the shoe-gazing guitarist something to look at. I did not get this band’s name, because I can’t seem to find the gig poster anymore.

Once in a while, they bend down to tweak said pedal.

Cigarette lighter as a slide!

Izuan is again on fire, with Auburn (who, well, isn’t post-rock or emo, but more of alternative rock?)

Ian Koren returns as Jesus, to play for Throne Away!

This picture is for Sarah Chong!

They had a whole bunch of new songs. Hooray!

Their last gig was Rock The World 7, but they still had that amazing energy.

More shots were in Ian’s Canon Ixus, in black-and-white and ISO1600 (because black-and-white complements the camera noise well.) All the good ones of the jumpy frontman’s antics were on his camera instead.

4 thoughts on “Hey Man, Nice Shoes

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Thanks! I like the plain grey expanse below him also. Quite rare for my black-and-white style. I can’t remember how I got there, other than a lot of Photoshop color channel tweaking.

  2. huiwen7 Post author

    I thought Kien Kit was Kingsley until I read the caption, haha! Maybe it was the hair that misled me… And I like the effects in the ‘Ask Me Again’ photo!

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Hot damn, it DOES look like Kingsley! Ask Me Again was a simple, random strobe-light-capturing shot. Nothing quite like the first strobe shot I captured of them ages ago, which I think was the first strobe shot I captured of anybody.


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