Only When You’re Walking…

…can you capture more random shots. It’s like street photography, all the time.

All hail the Sony Alpha’s SuperSteadyShot in-body stabilization. Out-of-the-box steadiness in long exposures in low light!

Rorschach on Petaling Street. I thought Venom visited!

I was stairing.

Taking a nap.

Proud floor polisher.

Yep, shiny.

This, however, makes it seem too easy to get a reflection.

7 thoughts on “Only When You’re Walking…

  1. brian. Post author

    The bicycle shot is sublime! Background may be a LITTLE distracting though!

    Btw, every time I have my camera slung around my neck they don’t let me into Cineleisure. Haha.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Thanks y’all!

    Brian: Ironically, I intended to shoot the barber shop. The bicycle suddenly appeared in the picture. Though the ground would not be lit if not for the shop, which is unfortunately much brighter than the rest of the scene.

  3. the interesting specimen Post author

    damn.. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the picture with the bicycle! its AMAZING!

    and the cineleisure one as well.. but nothing beats the bicycle.. sigh~


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