Happy Birthday Both Of You!

…sang the waiters at Italiannie’s. Yes, Cheryl and Slinky both.

She’s such an incorrigible camwhore she pushed me aside.

There, one of the rare normal-looking-me shots.


Certainly the subject of papparazzi.

(Only when the cameras stopped flashing did we get this.)

Sexy back.

One of those rare stalker-me shots.

Psst amoi tengok apa?

Oh tengok I ya…

Pardon the lame captions, this is my way of indirectly giving them the pictures I owed her for over a year. Yes, those earlier shots are from her birthday last year!

Yay we finally got our shots!

Fast-forward to this year.

Cheryl likes the fork…

…and a Sloggi visor.

She is a vampire. Bite me!

This time around, we celebrated Cheryl and Steph‘s birthday!

Have cake and eat it too.

She loves the fisheye so much she bought a door peephole to use with her camera phone.

The third person is the jumping sensation, smashpOp.

Dodging and burning in the red, green and blue channels got this. Featuring Bryan Chin.

Any more shots and I’ll leave you alone.

Yes, it is very hard to flash with the fisheye…

…such that, to get ambient light, we had to look up into a lamp.

Bunch of… ah crap I’m lazy to link them all.

Finally! Finito.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Both Of You!

  1. steph Post author

    Thankssssssss Alberto ! I like all of ’em except for the pic with Cheryl and the fork 😛 I look like a mamasan !!! Ewwwwwwww ! Hahahaha ! But thanks anyway 🙂 Hope to get the ori file from u yeah !

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    saifulrizan: Yes, it helps to make them look cute. Haha.

    s!mple cheryl: You mean, OWED. 😛

    steph: I thought that was the look you were going for!

    ShaolinTiger: Ah yes, soon soon.

    huiwen7: Ironically, it was a year ago, so I have no idea whose hair is longer now.


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