Mall? Rats!

The new Gardens in Midvalley. Not so interesting facade just yet.

Does it draw you in?

Most certainly, yes.

Modern and comfy with big plush sofas on the ground floor. I hope they don’t remove it in favor of stalls.

Altimet interviewing some chick.

Good ol’ Sunway Pyramid had an extension. But first, I’ve never seen this kind of flare with my Peleng fisheye!

Pyramid always had a good theme; this is one of the new atriums. The new path lies over where Parkson used to be, with Parkson at the end, and TGV Cinemas moved up one floor.

The other new atrium connects back to the skating rink. Amazing!

Between the blue and orange atriums is a nice Egyptian-styled pathway. I always thought Pyramid was one of the pioneering concept malls.

And of course, the great big Pavilion.

Wide as wide gets, wider than Berjaya Times Square and with much better occupancy rates!

A lot of photographs would show the intense spotlights that light up most of Pavilion, even the outside where there was a car showroom.

Security officers make sure nobody’s going around snapping pictures. I was never stopped.

The center is a giant runway, with fashion-centric tenants. Also notable was that when I saw the crowd, only two words came to mind – fashionable men. No, not homosexual men (although they might have been) – fashionable men. Fashionable men, all walking in pairs, no, not one or three or four, exactly two.

Catwalk! Rawr.

Chimps! *throws bananas at them*

For the non-standing crowd, there’s always a big flight of stairs to make like a cinema.

From this picture, can you tell which item she is modelling?

And of course, the insanely crowded J.Co Donuts. I didn’t go ga-ga over it back when I first had it in Bandung, Indonesia, but the Glazzy Donut that came free with a box of 6 changed my mind. In fact, that was better than the more flavorful donuts!

6 thoughts on “Mall? Rats!

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    KJ: I don’t get what you mean by Taman Bunga. I’m sure you could use your yoyo to snag some donuts and eliminate the queue.

    pat: Hard to say; neither of them really interests me. I really have nothing to buy in Gardens or Pavilion! Pyramid… I haven’t really seen the shops.


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