Severely Timelagged Post

And now, for shots from almost 2 months ago, from the Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Gig, 17th August 2007, Jamasia!

Any band with a saxophone is sure to astound!

It was Kabus, who played Down and Vasoline.

Vig taught me an important pointer – count with the drummer and shoot at 4, when the drummer is most likely to hit the cymbals and look cool doing it.

Flannel stripe shirts were the order of the day.

Velvia look! Photoshop’s Channel Mixer; in the Red Channel set Red +150, Green -25, Blue -25; Green set Green +150 (you get the idea…) On a side note, most shots were set to a White Balance of 2500 Kelvin, Green +9.

A side snide note to Canon fans (hello there!); the 350D and 400D doesn’t allow you to set Kelvin White Balance, and the 30D only goes down to 2800K, not low enough for the intense reds and oranges of gig lighting. Fortunately the 40D goes down to 2500K, finally.

Stonebay, grunge purveyors of the underground scene, would obviously make an appearance here. Wicked Garden, Plush (which was the first riff I played on my sister’s guitar), and the evergreen Interstate Love Song.

Brainhead did Creep and Big Empty.

Jangan tak solo!

Naked Breed however takes a more relaxed stance.

The ever photogenic Ashley Ang makes her rocking appearance!

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