Blue Summer, Part 1

Oh the 25th of August 2007, I went down to Sunway Lagoon for the Sloggi Blue Summer Party. Thanks Templar for the ticket!

Down to business back then, I brought the Cosina 70-210mm F2.8-4 Macro and my Tamron 1.4x and Kenko 2x teleconverters for some 600mm stalking fun. This was at 600mm, F29, ISO400, 1/160s. Yes F29, that’s how scorchingly bright the place was. Plus I could afford to be shooting at 1/160s instead of the traditional 1/1000s at a 900mm equivalent length. Thank you, Sony Alpha 100, for Super SteadyShot!

But first, a disclaimer: Guys and girls were all checking each other out, so it’s not like I was any more a voyeur.

Sometimes, they spot you and pose!

Sometimes, they walk past. Yum.

420mm F10 ISO400 1/500s.

Yes yes wet fun!

…some people had dry fun.

And some, they just camwhored for the massive hoard of male photographers wandering around.

600mm F14 ISO400 1/160s. This was the top of a giant, wide, water slide.

Insert Mandy Moore lyric here about the boys checking you out.

Chicks love photographers.

Chicks also love balloons.

Chicks love hiding in the shade while waiting for their turn to dance.

More to come!

8 thoughts on “Blue Summer, Part 1

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Yin: Thank youuu for posing!

    Nicholas.C: Hmmm, yes, it does look like she could be threatening him.

    wkcheang: Nah, my Tamron 200-400mm F5.6 with a 1.4x gives me 600mm F8 already, further than the Reflex 500mm F8. Have to say that it handles equally well despite the extra weight.


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