Blue Summer, Part 2

And now for Part 2 of the Sloggi Blue Summer Party! Part 1 here.

Performances on the big stage included dancing with fire.

Air-kicking cheerleaders!

Neck-cracking breakdancers!

And hot hot hot dancers. Yum yum. I have a soft spot for such faces.

It looks like he is grabbing something.

Caution: slippery floor.

And then, for the Sloggi beachwear show!

Which, strangely, had a few of the same bikini tops…

…but the more discerning might be able to tell the difference.

Yes, it was scorching hot.

We all got one of those blue shades.

At this point, I am out of captions…

…not that you mind, do you?

Wanna skip some rope?

No, she is not grabbing ass.

I had to fight space with photographers all over the beach.

Next, a very calming Rakan Muda dance. Uh, yeah.

Karen Kong!

Part 1 is here.

17 thoughts on “Blue Summer, Part 2

  1. Bambang Post author

    We are happy to see you posting those pictures of those sexy women and also encouraging such activities in our society.

    We sincerely hope that by activities like these, it will increase the arousal level of an increased number of our legal and illegal immigrants (Indons, Banglas, Nepalese, etc.) and local men (Malays, Chinese, Indians). Some of whom might happen to live, work or lepak near the vicinities where our sisters, 9 year old daughters, nieces, wives, girlfriends and other female relatives & acquaintances also happens to live, work or lepak.

    I know that what you were presenting was not even soft porn, but sexy is sex and sex is sexy!

    And like they say, "sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit." Or in some of our cases, GUNUNG BERAPI! If you catch my drift….

    They also say that, "if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem."

    Thank you for being part of the solution to the problem of not having enough aroused immigrant and local men around our female loved ones.

    Again, thanks a bunch.

    Yours sincerely

  2. Bambang Post author

    Please post more sexy pictures for the sexual gratification of our immigrant and local male members.

    And please support such activities where there are sexy women to arouse our members.

    Bambang Trihardmodjo

  3. Waifon Post author

    lol wtf at bambang’s comment. Spam issit he’s been around blogs but can answer 2 + 3 to get through err… spam catchers/ blockers so he’s no spam, just too free wtf help me do my LAN project pls thank you.

    hahahaha loved the captions and yays, bikini chicks! *personal gaydar beeping* yums so hot boobs and babes.

    "We sincerely hope that by activities like these, it will increase the arousal level of an increased number of our legal and illegal immigrants (Indons, Banglas, Nepalese, etc.) and local men (Malays, Chinese, Indians)."

    Oh yeah increase the arousal level of an increasing number of straight women but secretly lust over chicks too, lesbo wannabe wtf.

    Hello Ruth! Air kicking cheerleader from SBU *bangga*

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Bambang: There’s a hidden picture, linked from one of the exclamation marks. May you and your men enjoy it.

    Jayce: Thank you!

    enigmaZ: Wait for Part 3!

  5. Waifon Post author

    err is Bambang damn serious abt tht comment? Tht entry was posted in 2006! Ok confirm he’s not spam la cos where got spam come back to check for your reply wan wtf.

    Hello Bambang! I don’t knw if his comment was meant to be sarcastic, im so bad at kerja- kerja mentafsir ayat, whether it contains isi tersirat or not. Rumusan SPM wtf. Soul doctor damn serious right. Do u knw Lainie got tht comment before as well. hahahah Bambang u so funny i like ok. Even if it wasnt meant to be funny, i still like u cos u care so much for the society.

    Can i hv ur number pls wtf sorry my spelling is a little retarded, signs of ageing I can’t spell a word in full lest I start panting, lose my breath and get a stroke.

    ok i got bored of work hence the long comment so back to work hello mello alberto benini hahahaha.

  6. Waifon Post author

    oh btw im so smart i knew there was a hidden picture but who the hell links an exclamation mark aduh nasib baik aku pandai wtf.

  7. Sm Post author

    Arousing women with pictures of hot dudes? I don’t agree.

    That would make average looking dudes appear even more average. Thus, Albert should show pictures of ugly dude which will make average guys appear even more arousing than they are worth.

  8. soraya Post author

    i spy primary schoolmate evonne! haha… eh albert, entertain ur female readers who want hot dude pics pulak la.

  9. Albert Ng Post author

    Waifon: Pandai betul tepuk tangan sendiri!

    soraya: There will be such a blog entry in the foreseeable future, but not in this series.

    Sm: To be fair, I won’t put any guys then. 😀

    KJ: No go snap your own chicks!

    templar: Updated!

    trickflip: Yes, totally unexpected, too!


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