Albert In Bed

Jen Han called one evening with a situation – he needed me to take party shots for PartyOut since he couldn’t go. And so, I went to Bed with my Sony Alpha 700 and put it to the test – ISO1600 with the Sigma 17-35mm F2.8-4 EX at (on average) 1/4s and Sony HVL-F56AM set on TTL mode. This was the 7th of October 2007 morning, technically, since I only got there at 1:30am.

Yes, chicks in Bed!

Deejays in Bed!

The club colors help to give an interesting pink tinge on their faces.

I have to thank my pimp in the bottom-right for gathering party people to camwhore.

Hmmm. That looks like a Motorola.

I have never felt so welcome, pointing to my camera, gesturing to take a picture. Yes this is a crop of an ISO1600 picture. The A700 is amazingly clean at ISO1600 with flash.

I like the various random expressions of the people here.

The slower shutter speeds bring out the club’s colored lighting.

Nice belt.

What you say? PartyOut?

The Sigma is amazingly sharp at 17mm F4 with properly directed lighting.

Bed is really, really small.

Check out my shadow in his protoplasmic glow!

Not a chick, but I love his expression.

It’s times like these I wish I wasn’t lugging around a camera bag…

Green red blue.

8 thoughts on “Albert In Bed

  1. Patrick Post author

    Bloody beaut pics, mate. Just a shame some of the subjects are… how shall i put this… Ah Beng MUCH?

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Nicholas: At the current rate I’m going, you’ll see it in 2 months. 🙁

    Patrick: Wait till you see my next post, heh!

    Tyler: Apologies! I decided to keep the good-looking guys out of the posts and trim it to chicks only.


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