French House

After going to Bed, I hopped over to Maison. Alas, I was a bit too late for the crowd, at 2:21am, only the hardest party people stayed. Technically this was the 7th of October 2007 morning.

Most shots around 17mm F2.8 1/4s ISO1600.

In keeping tradition, more chicks for all!

…and my blog jumps into a different rating.

For a while, you might blink and wonder if you were still at my blog.

Protoplasmic fantasy!

Damn this jello.

Of these bad times I’m going through just dance.


There! Enough for a red table.

The three-fingered alien, a pimpin’ chick and horns on the chin.

I think that Chinese people don’t know how to camwhore. These uh… non-Chinese people, however, know how to.

So does this uh, non-Chinese dude.

Dammit these were behind glass.

Ah, that’s better. Thanks dudes for the straw!

Friends forever!

4 thoughts on “French House

  1. rachel Post author

    Hello! Seeing as you know photography , i`m planning on buying a DSLR camera . I`m not too sure which one to buy though . Any advice ?


  2. Patrick Post author

    G’day Albert. You’re right mate. Your non-chinese camwhores photograph better. The way they stand and pose have a more natural, relaxed coolness about them. Classy and chic. The others look like a bunch of drunks trying too hard.

    I swear, if I see one more peace sign/bunny-finger/victory sign, I will personally fly down to Malaysia and chop off each and everyone of their index fingers.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    rachel: Depends, really, what you wanna shoot. A good all-round cheap one would be the Sony A100, Pentax K100D, Olympus E-410 or Canon 350D. The A100 and K100D have anti-shake inside. I don’t like the Nikon D40/x because it cannot auto-focus with a lot of lenses especially those needed for low light. I used a Sony A100 and now the Sony A700.

    Patrick: One must remember not to impose the ideals of Happy Tree Friends upon unsuspecting people.



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