Behind Barricades

18th October 2007 – Project Bazooka, Laundry Bar. My first gig shot with the Sony Alpha 700.

Madhouse, grunge rockers.

When previously I could get such a shot with a good ol’ 18-70mm, the newly erected barricades at Laundry Bar stop photographers and drunkards from getting at the performers. (This shot was with the Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan at 200mm.)

And yes I hadn’t been to a gig at Laundry since the last Project Bazooka, 19th July 2007.

You may notice watermarks; this is for those artistes who copy my pictures to their Facebook/Myspace/Friendster and totally forget to credit me. Hey man it’s already free to take if it’s a picture of you, but at least tell me you’ve taken it, yo!

Photographer with Gary Fong lightsphere pointed forward. That’s a flash sucker for sure. The lightsphere is only meant to be used as a fill light, pointed upwards. This picture was intentionally made out-of-focus to hide the camera brand. Hint: it rhymes with xenon.

It’s random-chick-in-the-crowd time!


Sound effect time.

The interesting specimen, now upgraded to a hot chick emcee! (Yes, this is a stitch of two shots at 17mm.)

Auburn! One reason why I came, to see this Smashing(ish) rock band.

Stephanie on drums looks like she is burning.

Three heads, better than one.

I’m not the only one stalking her.

Izwin guests!

They Will Kill Us All, indie rock.

I don’t even remember what sound this makes.


Yeah let’s tear these barricades down!

6 thoughts on “Behind Barricades

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Heh thanks!

    I agree that the clarity is indeed better, since the beercan is sharper at F4 with deeper DOF versus the Minolta 50mm’s gentle rendition at F2. Also, the different focal length plus further distance from stage means different light angles and deeper DOF. Add that I’d been using a wide-angle converter or teleconverter which affected image quality. All shots were at ISO1600 (as decided by Auto ISO) versus the A100 on default ISO400.

  2. gr Post author

    Barricades at laundry???? what’s the world coming to 🙁 *sads* heard you saw my sis at the Freshlook competition thingy.. got piccas?? i haven’t seen her in that one yet 😀


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