Having A Hell-uva Time

27th October 2007 – Heaven And Hell! Unlike the Megadeth concert I went for the night before, I brought my Canon Powershot A520 this time.

It was at Fort Canning Park, Singapore.

Yes, the famous second lineup of Black Sabbath, after Ozzy Osbourne was out of the band. Of course, Black Sabbath is now back with the original lineup, so this second lineup is now called Heaven And Hell, after their first album with that lineup.

Replacing Ozzy is Ronnie James Dio, metal rock god, who popularized the devil’s horns as a hand sign for rockers everywhere.

Hey wait a minute you’re not Ozzy!” I shouted. Heh.

I prefer Ozzy, though, for his more weathered voice. Dio was too perfect a singer.

The great Tony Iommi! A factory accident left him wearing prosthetic right fingertips although this picture does not show it. Yes, I didn’t know he played leftie guitar either.

The accident caused him to have to downtune his guitar to invent the sound of heavy metal.

Geezer Butler on bass, who wrote most of the original Black Sabbath lyrics.

Vinny Appice, replacing Bill Ward of the original lineup.

Vinny and Tony. Tony used only them Gibson SGs, my favorite guitar design of all time.

Yes, it came with a tremolo bar!

So what did they play? E5150, Mob Rules, Children Of The Sea, I, The Sign Of The Southern Cross, Voodoo…

And then came Vinny with the drum solo. Check out the encaging drumset!

Then there was Computer God, Falling Off The Edge Of The World, Die Young…

…and of course, Heaven And Hell! We all sang along, and there was an extended live solo from Mr. Iommi, who never quite played solos the same way even when recording. Megadeth the night before, however, played everything by the book, with 2 exceptions for super hit songs.

Of course, as I wasn’t very familiar with the Dio-era stuff I couldn’t tell if the other solos were different. Iommi did most certainly rock, though. Oh, and they looked as old and prehistoric like the grandfathers of heavy metal should be. Dio and Vinny however look strangely younger…

Heh, should we throw them some sticks?

Fort Canning was accepting.

6 thoughts on “Having A Hell-uva Time

  1. Chris Post author

    You lucky, lucky man. I don’t envy people but at this moment, you’re the man.

    If you’ll excuse me, I have to get my Dream Theater tickets. 🙂

  2. cyberdroxxx Post author

    Great capture there albert. Am I too old for rock numbers? I don’t think not coz I still plays Holy Diver on jamming sessions with china copy aka Gibson SG in my makeshift studio-LOL. Of coz our lead gutarist plucks his original 10 years old Fender Stratocaster to get close to GnR Sweet Child of Mine number


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