Beercan Ten

Time for some filler with the Minolta 70-210mm F4 beercan lens!

The beercan helps me capture random emotions unnoticed. Seriously. They could be looking in my direction and not notice.

Balloon for the kid, free shirt for the dad.

Wait, I hear somebody snapping away! Is he up there? Is that a god?

I tell you these vain people thinking the camera is on them…


This turned out interesting in black-and-white, when I usually would not do that to a lens with such great liquid color as the beercan.

Hey man, nice shirt!

Welcome to the streets of KL.

One of the prettier colors for a bug.

Going home. No, wait, this was from the Segambut KTM station, so she must be going out!

4 thoughts on “Beercan Ten

  1. soraya Post author

    yah albert you should go work for the rick dato’s n tan sri’s who will prob pay you shitloads to follow their cheating wives n snap pictures

  2. KJ Post author

    are u starting to miss the 70-210mm?
    come on.. a lil long distance relationship strengthened ur relationship man.. test ur faith with ‘it’ =P

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    IcedNyior: Thanks! 😀

    soraya: Hmmm. Now to get to know some dato’s.

    KJ: Yes I miss it, but I’ll get by with my 50mm F1.4 + 1.4x + 2x teleconverter combo. 😀


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