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Getting Rid Of The Rustmobile

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope you had a labor-less one. My dad was about to dispose of his Datsun 120Y car (which I will now refer to as the rustmobile), getting it towed away, when his brother noticed the nice tires. My uncle wanted them tires for his rustmobile!

So begins a sweaty stinky 4 hour tire change in the sun. My dad smartly parked his car on a grassy dog toilet. I wish I had a camera to document all this. 🙁 Otherwise you’d have to bear with my extremely low-poly, low-quality 3D representations of the car!

Step 1: The rear tires

Datsun on its front wheels (datsunfront.jpg, 4
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Foursome Update

1) Another one rides the bus

I was going home, so I took a bus to Kotaraya from Bintang Walk. I got on the Metrobus, was the first one on, and sat in front. The bus filled up and the conductor collected from the back, as the bus drove there. Halfway through the crowd, he stopped collecting. I didn’t know why. The people around me were also holding change. Upon reaching Kotaraya, I quickly got off. The bus blared its horn loudly, but there were no obstructions in front. 🙂

Ironically, I had only 30 sen, and I needed to break change, so I went to McDonalds to get a vanilla sundae cone. The cashier gave me notes so I told her that I needed coins to take the bus. She gave me lots of 5 sen coins! (She didn’t have much of anything else.) So I got a free ride and lots of coins!

That reminds me of the time I was mean to a couple on the bus. More Evilness! I also wrote An Ode To Public Transport.

2) By popular demand

Here’s the link to a great, fun activity when you’re waiting or walking around aimlessly in shopping malls staring at PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) – The Dot Masterplan! Speaking of which, I’ve also accumulated 10

The non-consequential update.

I’m sleepy, tired, cold and waiting.

I’ve broke off my addiction to Spider Solitaire, I think. While waiting for the connection, I’m resorting to ZSNES, an emulator that lets you play Super Nintendo (or Super Famicom as it is known around here) games on your PC. I’ve gone through all 95 levels of Super Mario World. 🙂

Where’s everybody? I mean, the blogging people. Nobody bothers to reply to my comments anymore. It seems like the moment I slag off and bask in offlineness that everybody stops visiting me. I’m still alive (though ICQ, and then ICQ Lite, seems to hang a lot lately.)

I’m scared. Feeling threatened. Something’s coming over the horizon, the orange skies, about to engulf my place. Everybody else will like it. Heck I like it too, but it’s disturbing because it’s taking over what I had. Even then, what I had was because they had no other choice. Now something better comes along. Can I roof them and cloud them from the great orange, or do I provide something better?

Next week, I’m going to do my research on it. What does it have that I don’t? Lots. What can I do? Lots as well. Not so soon, though. My exams are next week and I’m even less prepared than before.

In the meantime, I’ve watched James Bond’s latest adventure, Die Another Day. Wow. Seems the writers have given him a chance to whoop xXx‘s derriere, with snowcapades, fast cars and women. There were a lot of elements you wouldn’t have expected to see if not for xXx. Heh. Vengeance! Sure it doesn’t beat the Americans at being ‘X’-treme but Bond’s gotta be Bond still.

I’ve also gotten myself an A4Tech wireless (radio frequency) optical mouse. I’ve been splurging on computer hardware lately. Sadly, it lags in the sense that sometimes it doesn’t accelerate as it should. My only consolation is that it comes with a USB charger, and the mouse can be charged with a Nokia charger as well! That would also mean that my Nokia can be charged using the USB charger! Ah the convenience. 🙂 Now I don’t need my wall-socketed AC/DC adaptor. Now I can predict calls while charging, with the aid of two monitors to fuzz out when calls come in!

That reminds me. I gotta install Windows 98 on my old PC. That would be a problem considering it doesn’t have a floppy nor CD-ROM drive. I’ve been procrastinating shifting both drives from my PC to that one just to install. Heck I’ve been procrastinating burning CDs. Lazybum I am.

SQL Sonnet

Column, row, table in a database
Field, record, table it’s also known as
Normalization reduces space waste
Indexing reduces the searching stress
Primary keys and foreign keys help link
Some tables together logically
Before change the DBMS must think
Of constraints because orphans are messy
If you screw up you can try to roll back
Provided you’ve committed old changes
Otherwise you will notice that you lack
The important data of old ages
If this techie talk sounds fictitious, well
It’s as real as letters S, Q and L

P.S. My exams are next week. The answers I seek.

When I Go…

Life is good till you have to weed graves. It’s not so much as creepy till you see rainbow-colored flies landing on umbrellas. My father’s father’s father died of a whooping cough epidemic. It was hard for me to accept because I didn’t know of any relatives who didn’t pass away of old age. He was young – so young, the tombstone hadn’t any year inscription! I didn’t even know him. My dad wasn’t even born yet. Suddenly this guy so detrimental to the arrangement of proteins on a double-helix strand that makes you you appears.

No more weed-whacking – I wanna be cremated (when I’m dead, that is.)