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My First Engagement Ceremony, Part Two

Pantun time!

On a side note, remember Ah-Ha? This is a classic skit about meminang!

An important shot.

The ring.

His turn.

I should’ve stood back just a bit to reduce perspective distortion. This was at 24mm (angle of view like 16mm for APS-C.)

Likewise, here – hantaran, beb!

A good way to secure your hantaran is to use pins and double-sided tape. Well you don’t see it in the picture heh!

Doa selamat. (In retrospect, there is a wee bit of large-radius HDR processing in this picture.)

Gifts, for the visitors. (Is this tepak sirih?)

Food, for the visitors. Darn, didn’t notice the lamb!

Part One here.

My First Engagement Ceremony, Part One

Last year, I had the pleasure of being at Liyana the makeup artist’s house to shoot… her engagement ceremony!

So who else to make her up, but herself? (Must show before and after maaa… promote makeup artist sikit hehe.)

Go on, pick a color.

While waiting I snooped around the house. Gotta love the colors!

Went downstairs for a bit…

I love it when they match! You don’t know it, but I erased a standing fan on the left hehe. This was shot at 60mm (40mm for those on APS-C) so a very nice, distortion-free shot was made.

Hantaran kek bercawan. You know, kek bercawan? Cupcakes?

I went back upstairs, and found this very photogenic uncle. I think he KNEW how cool he looked at this angle. Maintain!

This is one heck of a photogenic spot!

(The after, with her mom.) All made up and ready to go!

This is part one of three. Wowwee a trilogy!

Shooting A Skipping Flirt!

Wingz invited me for a photo shoot with the skirt flipper and here we go!

All pictures can be clicked on, for larger versions, unless otherwise specified.

135mm F2.2. Jess insists that she is not your typical flower-sniffing model!

I really like that she has all the poses up her sleeve; in a way, I felt kind of spoiled because I didn’t have to tell her how to pose, and she always seems to know which camera to look at! Well trained, Jess! *pat*

Bukit Jalil Park is very photogenic, with lots of interesting backgrounds and themes to choose from. I used a +2 EV exposure from RAW to get her exposed properly while overlaying it on the 0 EV shot.

Also 135mm F2.2 for you bokeh lovers out there.

This is the Malaysia house. For some reason, I really really like the wooden overhanging motif.

Waiting for her lover across the bridge. 2 exposures from one RAW file merged.

Again, 2 exposures from one RAW – unless otherwise specified the JPG versions were used!

I saw this angle and I knew I had to have it! Unfortunately I forgot to include the little arch in the back in later pictures…

Flash from front left, with her head tilted back enough to let some sunlight make her hair glow.

135mm F5.6, with flashes coming from left and right.

Again, left-and-right flash – thanks Kenny for being our voice-activated light stand!

Jess, you should’ve joined us for a hearty, filling lunch…

Here is the difference between a long-range shot at 135mm F7.1…

…and a shot at 35mm 7.1. You can tell where the flash is!

A merge of two pictures to show before-falsies and after-falsies! (No large version of this.)

135mm F1.8 with an APS-C sized crop.

Cloned out a tree in the top-left for this one.

The Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye makes itself convenient for group pictures. Shot at F16, with 2 exposures from one RAW.

Left to right: JasonMumbles, The Wonder, Wingz, Kenny and Jess!