Let Go

Sparkling diamond white
The warm fountain takes flight
Into the lake
Where the cake
Freshens and tinges
The nasal passages
The reservoir drains
The organic stains
A depression
Allows gravitation
That becomes a flood
Of streams unpolluted

0 thoughts on “Let Go

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    I have the flu too. You cursed me, didn’t you?!?

    You got the cake being a sponge part quite right… for a girl.

    Alas, the only ones who will truly understand urinate standing up.

  2. gianne! Post author

    own masterpiece or another? quite nice, and am trying to figure out its real meaning. so far have come up with ‘knowledge’ (somehow i associate cake with sponges down the sea, and in a sense that knowledge and experience shall be sucked in) or maybe it’s ‘appreciation’. hmm… wondering bout nasal passages though. the first thought bout it was nose
    and i’m having the flu now… =P

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    The Megamall one is optimized for aiming. Makes for quite competitive action, really. The losers end up splashing in forced hesistance!

    Oh, and DJCS got it right. 🙂


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