Bola Cat

It was a hot sunny 18th of April 2009 down at the Xtion Paintball Park in Bukit Jalil.

The occasion? The Taylor’s College Masscolympics.

This would be the first time I’d shoot paintball – I brought my Tamron 200-400mm F5.6 out of the drybox for this one.

Glory be to bright, bright sunlight!

I shot through the fence instead of inside, so there is occasionally that veil of out-of-focus netting.


Start (again!) I’m not sure what they were playing, but having a lot of teams they had to quickly sift through and eliminate teams.

This is not a trip.

Was I safe from the paintballs? Apparently, that’s what the netting is for.

Fallen paintballs.

The Advertlets team – Josh Lim is in khakis, while Eugene Ooi is in red pants.

Running pants.

MissyCheerio the thirsty, and the long-time-no-see Simon on the far right.

If paintball is not your idea of fun, I’m sure you can improvise with flour and water balloons.

Yeah, water balloons!

Or, if you’re a blogger, camwhoring is fun.

2 thoughts on “Bola Cat

  1. Noel Post author

    mann.. i was there. wasnt at the paintball tho. took part in their amaiazing race thing. didnt see you there tho


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