More from KLue’s Urbanscapes 2009 one 26th of June! (Spot some of my pictures in the Programme section.)

Jenifur really looks like a cartoon cat.

Amanda Choe has a motto: “Pose when noone is looking.

Who’d have guessed that this guy used to be from AllDatJazz.com?

Farah recording at The Lawn for XFM. Ah yes, all shots from the Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA at F2.0 unless otherwise specified.

Shannon wonders where to shop next.

The balloons were definitely a highlight!

Miimo who’s got a thing for big glasses.

smashpOp who’s got a thing for emo glasses.

CK who’s just got glasses.

Rames (who does a Dhalsim) with CK and smashpOp.

All this jumping was going on next to a construction site. I wonder what YTL is doing next!

Dustyhawk doesn’t need no dSLR.

Neither does she, with a Lubitel TLR.

This is the Blackbird Fly, a 35mm-film-format TLR, which unfortunately does not have a lovely ground-glass focusing microprism from the top – instead you have to use zone focusing (with a helpful icon showing how many people you can fit in the picture.)

It is also plastic, for the Lomo enthusiasts.

(Shot with the Minolta 50mm F1.4.)

In Russia everything is red.

Darth Vader is well equipped against H1N1, and he probably Force-choked Kanye for those shades.

A 50mm shot.

Not so happy news.

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