Beer Dance

What’s up with bragging about being able to drink more?

I consider it a curse.

I am proud of my low alcohol tolerance high alcohol efficiency. One beer is enough to get a buzz, and if I drink it fast enough, I’ll get a minimal high. I’ve only had three beers maximum, and I don’t intend to discover what my limit is by me being reminded what dinner looks like after it has taken a tour of my stomach.

I can get drunk faster and cheaper!

So boohoo if you can guzzle ten beers and not feel a thing. What is there to prove? Three beers or ten beers still register on the breathalyzer. If you want to drink to pretend to be drunk so you can molest people and get away with it, why waste money getting wasted?

Then there are the alcohol elitists who think beer tastes bad. Water doesn’t taste that great either. The point is not to savor it, but to drink it like water, to get the high. (On a different tangent, smoking to look cool is not cool; please justify yourselves with better reasons, like saying it relieves your stress or something.)

Also, what’s with clubbing and dancing, but only with alcohol? Are people unable to dance without alcohol? (I find this incredibly lame.) Are people only able to dance to songs they’ve seen before on MTV, and thus know the dance steps for? (I find this incredibly lame.) Do people even get the idea of dance?

I dance because I can feel the music and enjoy it, not because I want to show people that I know my dance steps.

8 thoughts on “Beer Dance

  1. JC Post author

    aiya..ppl doing something with reason sometimes, but most of the times with very lame excuses. so what to do? if u wan to get hit up faster, drink ur beer with straw..sip it..:P

  2. louyau-mike Post author

    Sorry … just went thru Elaine’s post and found out that it’s ur birthday, bert. So .. Happy Belated Birthday to you:)


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