Seventy-Fazz Percent

30th April 2014: Fazz at Table 23! (Yes, I am not following chronological order, as I have only time for a small set; the blog post that was supposed to go up spans 3 events.)

Table 23 gets stripped-down acoustic-styled performances.

Grace, on keyboard, in the middle.

Raja Farouque on double bass. Rather cool that a double bass would encourage the right hand’s fingers to rest on the fretboard, making for visible smudges!

Kevin sings… and dreams a dream.

Farouque, adjustin’.

Now wait, where’s Jone? You’re not Jone!

Instead, they featured clarinet player Lydia Ong. So this was Fazz with Lydia Ong.

She played a lot of the lead melodies that I’d otherwise hear from Grace’s synthesizer (a separate keyboard on top.)

And yet, it sounded like it fitted right in, with their cabaret Broadway-styled music. It was as if those lines were meant to be played on clarinet.

Group picture on the stairs leading to Ah Fatt Tyre Shop & Bar, just above Table 23!

Checking Polaroids. The first picture was misaligned, due to parallax error – the viewfinder is not on the same axis as the lens, so the closer the subject is, the stronger the parallax. Strange that it should happen at distance that is commonly used for Polaroid work!

I then went over to Pisco Bar to see what was going on. Azmyl Yunor & The Sigarettes!

The Sigarettes.

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