Laundry X AHM Records X Vans: #ProjectOffTheWall (June Edition)

26th June 2014: Laundry X AHM Records X Vans: #ProjectOffTheWall (June Edition) at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

But first, let me take a selfie.

Stanley Oh on guitars and vocals, forming the OH…

And Neo Ann Na on vocals, forming the NEO!

And so they formed the first act of the night – OHNEO!

Nabeel on bass and Ian on keyboard…

…passing dragon cajon duty to one of the two songwriters.

Also my first time seeing Ann Na play keyboard for a little intro.

Darren Teh, organizer and emcee (left) with the ever-amusing Collin Chin.

I used to see him in rock band Car Crash Hearts. He’s bringing it back!

But first, a sexier back.


He is smooth. (Also, on an unrelated note, Vans replaced the posters hanging on the wall with their own Vans concert posters. Very cool!)

He does a crazy mix of everything New Jack Swing to today’s R&B.

Man he got soul.

Meanwhile, outside, a band practices.

The same guy behind the deejay deck plays for the next performer…


She does a bit of Britney and a lot of swag.

Her boys be pumping on the speakers!

Then came a much less dancy act…

Annatasha Saifol!

Herman Ramanado on bass…

…and Isaac Ravi on guitar and Ryan Lee Bhaskaran on drums!

This group asked me to take their picture, and so I did.

Collin gives some advice to the bassist of the next band…

A Ruthless Cleansing!

Hard, heavy, modern-day riffage!

A very sexy Jackson Randy Rhoads in white with pinstripes!

A fan recording their brutal metal… with a Hello Kitty phone cover.

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