Drumsticks And Fireflies

You might be able to tell by now that I’m going thru stock-clearance crisis. Here, yet more gig shots!

Drummers’ Artistic Series at KL Jamasia, 21st April 2007.

Alex Ang the emcee was crazy! This picture does not show it but he was like a WWE commentator. “Are you all rrreaaadyyy to raaawwwk?

Plush. Izwin looking a certain shade of green.

Steph-who-wants-more-pictures is one of the featured drummers that night.

They played a more alternative rock set this night, including covers of Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore

…the most funky Incubus – Hilikus

…and the looming bass intro of Tool – Schism got the crowd revering them. Such a dark, sexy song, I swear. What more when sung in chorus.

Martin was next, with some mad jazz drumming. Notice the big crowd just staring at his technique.

Usually, you’d get someone else do play the cowbell. He however, played a salsa beat on it while doing drum rolls all over.

The rest of the band played latino, salsa and other genres I am not familiar enough to speak of.

Jimmy of Tempered Mental. A quick glance at his neck showed his tattooed commitment to the band!

Tempered Mental rocks on while the rest of the world was at Good Charlotte.

Three drumsets and an extended jam session!

Fast-forward to 27th April 2007, the acoustic edition of Fireflies at KL Jamasia.

Now Everyone Can Play Radiohead! What a cute name. I was greeted with Karma Police. Wow, the first Radiohead song I’d ever heard! (And liked!)

Cutest door btch ever!

Lipei, singer-songwriter. I hope I got your name right this time.

This is also the first gig I’d ever shot with my new Sony HVL-F56AM.

Gracecars featuring Fergus Ong, who I’d seen ages ago at the Starbucks Music Series in Starbucks Plaza Damas. He did a cover of The Smiths – Ask! Oh, what unheard of joy to be one of the very few to sing along to such a catchy song.

Justin & Derek. This is Derek.

…and this is Justin (cue girls screaming). That handsome meh? CLEO Bachelor only what.

Ojie of Stonebay showing us what a sexy voice is.

Edwin, of Paolo Delfino.

Paolo Gomez, of Paolo Delfino. What, you thought his name was really Paolo Delfino?

Eu Gene, on bass.

Sweet-voiced Lezel!

These guys sound very John Mayer-esque. They know how to make the most of space in a song.

Azmyl Yunor hobbles on stage, obviously having had too much happy juice. Unintentionally funny was his rant. “You know, you see these kids on TV, and you think if you give them a guitar and a mike, do you think they can play? No way man. They ain’t got talent.

This happened while he was struggling to put his guitar strap on. Hehe.

On a side note, that line sounds too reminiscent of something Bob Dylan would say. And Azmyl does sound like Bob.

He was totally wasted that night, having just enough concentration to pound out the first few chords of each song with good timing. Totally the opposite of his usual, solid musician self.

Ben of Ben’s Bitches joins on drums, minus the drumsticks. Finger power!

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