Cornetto Love Perhaps? Season 2

24th November 2007 – Cornetto Love Perhaps Season 2 participants made an appearance at the NTV7 carnival at One Utama.


Raj in a Freddie Mercury moment.

Adrian in a Johnny Depp/Mike Myers moment.

Aliza looks sweeet.

Half-Thai-half-American actress. Yum.

Claudine is cute.

May, I?

Christy in yet another strange expression.

I’d like to thank the mike stand man for holding up the mike stand because I’m like tall, yo.

Shanna in a High School Musical moment.

Are you sure the rubber won’t break?

Cute how the balloons become heart-shaped. Not cool how Raj is fearing the explosion.

Aliza was the most gusto, bursting balloons with just her fingernails.

And this is how…

…a balloon explodes.

Taiwan superstar moment.

Ace comedian moment.

Choy Wan the host.

The show is on, like now now every Saturday, 9:45pm on NTV7.

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