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Motorshow Pictures Part 1

So I went to the KL International Motorshow 2006 at Putra World Trade Center, and as usual I took loads of pictures.

Clockwise from top-left:

  • Big truck.
  • Big truck, convertible edition.
  • Where’s the flux capacitor?
  • Peter Tan would love this.
  • A convertible with no doors.

Clockwise from top-left:

  • Perodua MyVi is psychedelicky.
  • Toyota Supra Leopard.
  • Chery QQ from China.
  • Mahindra 4WDs from India.
  • Smashed up Proton Savvy from Malaysia.
  • Perodua Xx.

Clockwise from top-left:

  • Lotus with funky triangles.
  • Android-looking, this convertible.
  • Nissan (gotta love taking white cars; faster exposure means clearer pictures.)
  • New Volkswagen Beetle is spoiled by a spoiler (yep, there were car show-worthy cars in the parking lot too.)
  • A concept car, driven by a concept cyborg.
  • The back of the Lotus.

Clockwise from top-left:

  • Want a light?
  • A truck engine.
  • OSIM chairs; when will they make a car-installable version?
  • KJ the clown cowboy has his own wheels too.
  • Spin the man!

Clockwise from top-left:

  • The Lotus Exige is the closest I could get to seeing anything that looked remotely like a Ford GT.
  • Perodua in pink.
  • Mazda MX-5 in black.
  • A huge 4WD.
  • A huge luxury executive car.

And now, for the luxury cars.

Man, if this came in white, I’d drive it while wearing a storm trooper suit.

Lamborghini Gallardo.

This looks like something Maskman or those Japanese masked superhero shows would ride.

Dig the Ducati…

…and the mini Modenas.

Ford has seriously chunky SUVs…

…that are still able to retain sexiness.

I was really looking forward to seeing a lot more variation; I hoped to see American muscle cars, like the Ford Mustang GT, but found none. 🙁 Also, a Toyota Scion xB (a hugely popular modded pimping vehicle in the US) would be nice. They didn’t have Subaru; how odd, since Imprezas were quite staple car show material. Or maybe I just wanted to see the Transformer Alternators that I had in real life.

Berjaya Crossing

Ah, who does not remember crossing the road from Berjaya Times Square to… the rest of Bintang Walk?

Sure, there’s the monorail bridge, but who’d walk up there?

We’d cross the road, braving the speeding jammed up cars.

Then they built fences in the middle, under the monorail.

Of course, there was always a hole; in front of Imbi Plaza, there was a gap between a pillar and fence, where we’d see people professionally walk sideways through and continue their mad dash. A slightly bigger gap could be found down the road.

All this changed, however, when I suppose, one day the big guys at Berjaya built another pedestrian bridge.

Awesomeness. Perfect to attract the crowds were escalators, and it led right into Berjaya Times Square where the elevators were. It was even air-conditioned! There were iron curtains, to signify shoplots. Smart business decision, this.

Now this is for people who have been tormented by York ceiling-mounted air-conditioning units. If you’ve ever froze in an office, you’d look up and see a York. In fact, you’d only see York as far as ceiling air-cond units went. Heck, you could probably smell York. So when I saw this, a different brand, I was overjoyed. It also smelt different, and very nice. Very nice and fresh.

Monitor The Devil

Did anything happen on 060606? Y’know, 6th June 2006?

Yes, the devil stole the soul of my unknown brand 17″ CRT monitor.

Before this, it was either a normal screen, frequently shrinking to the bottom half (in this picture, it shrinks to the top half). I had to rock the monitor upwards and apply pressure to get the power cable to be tilted correctly.

Violence is not recommended.

Don’t worry, I still have an extra monitor, my good old Samsung Syncmaster 750s. Screw LCDs, for the price and gamer satisfaction, I’d need to pay to get above 1280×1024 resolution, I could get a new 19″ CRT or 4 refurbished 21″ CRTs arranged in a square, totalling 42″ in size. :O

Laundry? Bah!

And now, for pictures from the Moonshine gig, 1st of June 2006.

A fountain in between The Curve and the newly opened Cineleisure.

The inside of Cineleisure goes on and on in vivid colors.

The cinema floor!

I imagine a senator from Star Wars addressing the Senate here.

Damansara Cineleisure. The only occupant at the moment being Cathay Cinemas, sadly.

Fazri, Yi Jian and I ended up meeting Paul and stim-girl at Thai Express, where I had yellow curry rice. Or was it rice with yellow curry?

Fast-forward to the huge Laundry Bar, with rock and roll band Qings & Kueens starting the set. Left to right: girl thinking, “ooo cute geeky guitarist“, cute geeky guitarist, expressionful vocalist and bass player bowing.

The sound console.

Mia Palencia (usually of jazz/blues/soul acoustic duo Double Take), plays guitar! I’d never seen her play guitar, and she was good on it, playing the blues, accompanied by Zalila Lee on guitar and Hardesh Singh on percussion.

I don’t like the colored lighting near the fountain; it makes it look less like a mafia family house (right-side picture).

When I came back from the search for the loo, Couple was playing, with Hana of Lucy In The Loo on guitar.

Look ma, I can play my guitar upside-down!

More distractions! Like these lights.

Reza Salleh faces the crowd.

I seriously wonder where all these people came from. I could not imagine all these people fitting in No Black Tie or La Bodega KL! And these aren’t strangers either; I recognized a lot of them! Maybe this gig was coincidentally when they would all come.

Stephanie drums the beat to Reza’s songs.

Hanafi of Estranged and Melina of Tempered Mental play guitar and bass respectively, and Reza now has a rock band!

Ywenna of Rhapsody is too famous. See? She’s overexposed.

Rhapsody gets funkier in this lineup. Left to right: Ywenna, Nicole and featuring Kevin the bass player of Qings & Kueens. Jimmy of Tempered Mental is further to the right, beyond the picture, playing drums.

Xfresh TV Season 4 hosts are first up on open mike, singing a cover of Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive. It’s the finale so they aren’t going to be voted out.

Broken Scar appears solo after a long time. There is something about his acoustic guitar and him that just sounds more like the way I’m used to hearing the songs played back in my head.

Some dude; I did not catch his name.

Lezel (Khai-Lee‘s friend) sings well, with haunting melodies.

Sad Angry Babies with ballads.

Plush Velvet. At this point I managed to secure a ride so uh yeah, no pictures of the next band, Estrella, or whoever came after that.

Just As Completely Random As Any Other Blog

Happy (belated) birthday Nazrul! On the road leading to Hartamas we saw this:

Right-click and choose Save Target As… to download; it’s only 85 KB. Sorry for the skipping, my camera was lagging (gotta reformat the RS-MMC card again.)

And now, for random reviews:

The Fastest Clock In The Universe

Gavin Yap stars as a shirtless, brooding, smoking drinking 30-year old who celebrates each birthday as if he was 19. Paedophilia, homosexuality, all the roles you girls wanted to see him in, including shirtless, are in! No holds barred, none of the self-censorship you’d expect.

…for the guys, it has an interesting storyline, too, especially the second half. Loads of fun; the last time I saw Ari Ratos was in Julius Caesar, and everyone was dead serious (and eventually dead) but he played comic relief here. A lot more straightforward than The Homecoming, too, and perhaps more appealing for those who don’t wish to read too deeply into the play.

I wish I took a sneak picture of Gavin’s worked-out-abs-and-pectorals (as opposed to my I’m-skinny-that’s-how-I-got-abs) to further encourage ticket sales to the show. In the meantime Jasiminne has an artist’s impression of him.

The show runs until the 11th of June 2006. Details here.

Walk The Line

Joaquin Phoenix plays Johnny Cash in this love story. I was hoping to geek out more, musically (and guitar-geekly, though the only cringes are when they spin double-basses like they’re cheap) but I found myself attracted to the cinematography. I especially dig how, when they shift manual focus from one character to another, the lens moves slightly too (quite like an SLR’s, making it seem like I was watching the movie through one). Asyraf what do you call that effect? Also, every scene is brightly lit; every face is always lit, sometimes artificially bright to produce clean, sharp faces.

…so I was expecting a rock show but got a love story instead. A rather draggy one, like Brokeback Mountain.

Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster (the documentary)

…so I expected the making of the album, but I got emotional drama, with the interesting psychological play between funnyman Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield. At least they had enough bits to geek out at, and the second DVD with extra scenes have hilarious scenes, like when Swiss Beatz come in with Ja Rule to steal some Metallica riffs.

Very fun, very confrontational, engaging, and makes you want to communicate.

Sin City

It’s always more fun to watch a movie without getting a clue what it’s about. Fantastic colorization or lack thereof. Four stories melded together.

Kevin (played by Elijah Wood) was the stuff of nightmares. Yeah, the stuff of my nightmares. A bespectacled geek with glowing glasses, a preppy sweater, and lightning reflexes.

…kinda explains why I am not a fan of Harry Potter.

Failure To Launch

Whoa, this was way back, so all I remember was that Sarah Jessica Parker is horribly botox-ed. She looks a lot like Jennifer Aniston, except Jennifer doesn’t have those fake sculpted cheeks.

And now, for some randomness!

I met Paul Tan at the Moonshine gig at Laundry Bar, The Curve, and he was sporting a kickass goatee which ran all the way thickly up to his ears. I regret not taking a picture of it then, but I stole a picture from Sherve anyway. 😀 This is a rare picture indeed for he rarely smiles, even with bottled objects of his affection.