Monitor The Devil

Did anything happen on 060606? Y’know, 6th June 2006?

Yes, the devil stole the soul of my unknown brand 17″ CRT monitor.

Before this, it was either a normal screen, frequently shrinking to the bottom half (in this picture, it shrinks to the top half). I had to rock the monitor upwards and apply pressure to get the power cable to be tilted correctly.

Violence is not recommended.

Don’t worry, I still have an extra monitor, my good old Samsung Syncmaster 750s. Screw LCDs, for the price and gamer satisfaction, I’d need to pay to get above 1280×1024 resolution, I could get a new 19″ CRT or 4 refurbished 21″ CRTs arranged in a square, totalling 42″ in size. :O

7 thoughts on “Monitor The Devil

  1. Asyraf Lee Post author

    I hate LCDs, the colour will never be correct.

    Unless I have those expensive ones from Sony or MacBook itself *dreams*

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Asyraf: Yeah man. They make midtones too bright, and there is often weird flickering during certain static patterns (although LCDs do not have flicker and refresh rates). DVI disallows monitor adjustments. For some reason, the focus isn’t great on the Samsung 710N LCDs here.

  3. lionel Post author

    It’s… The Line! You’re gonna die in 7 days.

    Nonbranded monitors can be very unreliable, from my own many, many experiences.


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