Laundry? Bah!

And now, for pictures from the Moonshine gig, 1st of June 2006.

A fountain in between The Curve and the newly opened Cineleisure.

The inside of Cineleisure goes on and on in vivid colors.

The cinema floor!

I imagine a senator from Star Wars addressing the Senate here.

Damansara Cineleisure. The only occupant at the moment being Cathay Cinemas, sadly.

Fazri, Yi Jian and I ended up meeting Paul and stim-girl at Thai Express, where I had yellow curry rice. Or was it rice with yellow curry?

Fast-forward to the huge Laundry Bar, with rock and roll band Qings & Kueens starting the set. Left to right: girl thinking, “ooo cute geeky guitarist“, cute geeky guitarist, expressionful vocalist and bass player bowing.

The sound console.

Mia Palencia (usually of jazz/blues/soul acoustic duo Double Take), plays guitar! I’d never seen her play guitar, and she was good on it, playing the blues, accompanied by Zalila Lee on guitar and Hardesh Singh on percussion.

I don’t like the colored lighting near the fountain; it makes it look less like a mafia family house (right-side picture).

When I came back from the search for the loo, Couple was playing, with Hana of Lucy In The Loo on guitar.

Look ma, I can play my guitar upside-down!

More distractions! Like these lights.

Reza Salleh faces the crowd.

I seriously wonder where all these people came from. I could not imagine all these people fitting in No Black Tie or La Bodega KL! And these aren’t strangers either; I recognized a lot of them! Maybe this gig was coincidentally when they would all come.

Stephanie drums the beat to Reza’s songs.

Hanafi of Estranged and Melina of Tempered Mental play guitar and bass respectively, and Reza now has a rock band!

Ywenna of Rhapsody is too famous. See? She’s overexposed.

Rhapsody gets funkier in this lineup. Left to right: Ywenna, Nicole and featuring Kevin the bass player of Qings & Kueens. Jimmy of Tempered Mental is further to the right, beyond the picture, playing drums.

Xfresh TV Season 4 hosts are first up on open mike, singing a cover of Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive. It’s the finale so they aren’t going to be voted out.

Broken Scar appears solo after a long time. There is something about his acoustic guitar and him that just sounds more like the way I’m used to hearing the songs played back in my head.

Some dude; I did not catch his name.

Lezel (Khai-Lee‘s friend) sings well, with haunting melodies.

Sad Angry Babies with ballads.

Plush Velvet. At this point I managed to secure a ride so uh yeah, no pictures of the next band, Estrella, or whoever came after that.

10 thoughts on “Laundry? Bah!

  1. tina Post author

    hahaha! i’m in!

    will let u know when i get back to KL!! cab?? hahaha. i’ll get my bf to drive us la k?

    yeaa.. sadly red chambers gone adey. i heard its now d’haven or something like that, to cater for 15 and 16 clubbing tadpoles. sad really..

  2. Matthew Post author

    for a moment i tot ur site was gone or sumting, but now it’s back! 🙂 i dun fancy gigs though but would be glad to attend one if pestered…lol

  3. Raymond Post author

    Eh, yalah, really look like some senate podium… got check whether it can float a not? hehe

    and, whoah, double bass in a rock band… cools

  4. tina Post author

    ooooooo.. chandelier vverryyy prewwwttyyyy…

    making me miss red chambers in bangsar… very nice ambience there.

    hm.. have only attended one gig in paul’s place. and thats it… i think after readings these entries, i wanna go check out the malaysian indie scene when i get home.. (melbournian indie band, check it out)

  5. nicole Post author

    hey, you posted quick this time…

    to paultan: i notice you like ywenna’s ears. pay me 50 bucks and i’ll take a close up of them when she’s not looking… ;p

  6. Grace Post author

    1 more weeks to freedom!! ahah then i can go gig crazy with you whee… it’s sad you know.. i live next to cineleisure adn all and i haven’t even been there yet 🙁

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