Feeling Feline

I don’t know why, but I am attracted to cats.

I don’t know if it’s healthy.

Sometimes you get cross-breeds and masqueraders. A creature so catty can yet be a dog.

Spot the cat.

They walk by, get some strokes, some attention, some cat calls, and then they leave and jump onto whichever lap they like.

You know the science; cats lick themselves clean and are apparently cleaner than dogs. Or so we’re told.

From the mind of Minolta.

Fact is, you can never catch a cat – it’s pointless. They’ll outlive you 8 times. When it would like to see you for a rub, it will.


There are ultimately behavioral differences between cats and dogs – dogs are loyal to their owners. Dogs don’t steal fish. Dogs guard. Dogs wag their tails in happiness.

What does a cat do when it is happy?

Ready to jump?

7 thoughts on “Feeling Feline

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    saifulrizan: Heh yeah while waiting for the bus!

    Nicholas.C: Ah. But I imagine it to be rarer than a bird chirping.

    joshuaongys: Hello! Er, I’m trying to figure out who I met you with…

    soraya: Wag tales indeed, wag tales indeed.

    KJ: I suppose you have a snail that meows?

    Michelle: But hamsters can be stinky!


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