Rock The World 8: Part 2

And now, for another set of pictures from Rock The World 8!

Dance To The Radio asserts that they are not the Arctic Monkeys of Malaya. They even have a song for it!

Emcee Fadhil, on stage!

Hmmm, I got the Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8 so I could get a shot that doesn’t always look like I’m upskirting the performers. This was, of course, before I found the spot…

Every now and then, a lucky fella would step inside and try to collect as many coupons in exchange for money, while a fan blew from below.

Sharpshooter, whose genre is self-explanatory.


Harvesting Space Sounds, who didn’t quite get the crowd. I got their music, though. There were dark influences of electronica ala Depeche Mode.

Upon Arrival, whose genre is self-explanatory.

Then it was Zip Zieller, with kickass hard rock riffs. Here, it was time to say goodbye to the guitar…

No, he did not set it on fire. I can’t tell if he tried…

…and so, he threw it to the crowd!

There was still much sound to be worked out from the effects pedals alone.

We now break from all this rock star action with some sweet singing from Liyana of Estrella!

This Dutch/Chinese/Malay mix is a crowd favorite. The same crowd which was skanking to reggae and moshing to hardcore was now singing along!

It was then time for Republic Of Brickfields

…whose genre is self-explanatory.

Bunkface, a fresh revival of young punk the way Billy Joe Armstrong intended it!

Komplot ramps up the disco!

AAARRRGGGHHH! They Will Kill Us All!

They do indie.

At this point, the stage lights started kicking in…

Purevibracion, which makes the third reggae act.

Rock stars should wear sunglasses, if only to look extra photogenic.

Fadhil gets ready to enter the portal to riches!

Radhi of OAG is enthralled by the crowd.

Same ol, same ol…

Somewhere halfway he forgets to button up his shirt. Perhaps he was parodying a certain Superman-underwear-wearing star. Only Radhi could pull off this, yo!

The barricades were far stronger this year, compared to previous Rock The Worlds where OAG had a record for making barricades break.

The Otherside Orchestra

…with a touch of disco and indie.

More to come soon!

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