Rock The World 8: Part 3

Here’s more from Rock The World 8, back on the 20th of December 2008!


…they bring a dancy indie treat.

Who wants a guitar?

I know Hanafi of Estranged does – both his guitars got stolen!


Azwin Andy. I used the Carl Zeiss 135mm F1.8 with a 2x teleconverter and APS-C mode on the A900 to get 420mm equivalent focal length.

Din and the artificial sun.

The Times bring britpop.

Koffin Kanser and their tribe of nu-metal!

You’d think Aru’s dreadlocks were heavy but here they are flying like a shampoo commercial.

These dreads defy gravity.

Izal of One Buck Short does a Lion-O.

These guys have been doing punk at least since Blue Planet, if I remember. Mooky was reading from a lyrics sheet then! Yes, I feel the need to assert my otai-ness from time to time.

But despite seeing the scene so long I haven’t crowd-surfed before.

(And yes, there is one band that is not included in this sequence – they’re so photogenic I’ll put them first in the last set!)

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6 thoughts on “Rock The World 8: Part 3

  1. noel Post author

    nice set.

    izal from one buck short really likes to crowd surf doesnt he? this must be the second time ive seen him do that.

    no wait. i think that was someone else…

    cancel that.

  2. noel Post author

    i so definetly agree man. whenever in gigs, it always pisses me off that i cant do crazy stuff, all because i would normally be having my camera with me.


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