Rock The World 8: Part 4

Somebody’s lurking in the distance…

Hard rockin’ REVENGE!

Beware his armpits of fury!

They were so grand they managed to get our classic Rock The World 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 and now 8 emcee, Mr. Haaa-rooon!

There were double guitar harmonies… (insert Rock Band Star Power)

…and there were gentle arpeggiated solos.

I have to say, they really took to the stage with a mix of everything that is true and is metal. No life till leather!

Facepaint for guitarists and bassists!

Every song gets a shrieking solo.

It was commonplace to be slightly deaf after.

Drum solo!

These guys were undoubtedly the band with the best showmanship that night.

Oh, but you know who everybody paid to see – Butterfingers!

Greg Henderson, producer, was also filling in for Loque.

Eh, you can shred ah!

They performed a most diplomatic set, doing a song from every album…

…and going back in time when grunge was in.

I could see that Greg could not be happier to have the honor of belting the intro of The Chemistry (Between Us).

Wondered what the Butterfingers looked like back at Rock The World 1?

Yeah, totally grunge and so young and scrawny!

Kadak’s got a pimpin’ outfit.

Emmett goes electric. “Hey where’d you get that old guitar from?

…and he tosses it straight up and it lands on its headstock!

Now that is a rock show!

I bet he knew it would survive.

This is the cue for everyone to put their hands up…

…so he can go to the crowd…

…and surf!

And that ends my Rock The World 8 series. Now back to regular programming!

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6 thoughts on “Rock The World 8: Part 4

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    smashpOp: Thanks!

    noel: Yeah man! They went all out unlike many T-shirted bands…

    hOcmun: I wonder if it’s better seeing one member of the band at a time (as I do) or the whole band. Or we hear the whole band but pay attention to whoever’s doing a solo.


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