Some Burst Of Pictures!

Here goes some random crowd shots from Sunburst 2009! (Yes, my camera was authorized but it was horribly inconvenient for the kids who took the bus all the way from Ipoh to come see KoRn only to be told they couldn’t bring in SLRs.)

Captain’s Log, 21st March 2009 Anno Domini, haha get it Captain’s Log, a line out of Star Trak.

My camera obviously has a bike fetish.

I see primarily 3 colors in this photo.

Here’s the obligatory Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA advertisement, although I am not paid to do this.

Checkout her shades yo!

A different kind of shade.

It looks so transformable, if I was 6 I would go up and transform it.

The VIP area offered little drinks, Pepsi, mineral water, alcohol and finger food. I was more excited about the typical concertgoer’s Ramly Burger meal. Only thing nice about this place was of course, proper toilets!

Gee, which stage to next?

On the big Sun stage, I spotted a Nikkor AF-S 200mm F2.0 VR on a Nikon D3! 300mm F2.8s don’t hold any special interest with me anymore, while this rare 200mm was notable. Interestingly, very few Nikon users have seen or touched the Nikkor AF-D 135mm F2.0 Defocus Control, which my colleague was interested in!

Out in the field was a classic – the Sony Cybershot DSC-F828 with a Carl Zeiss lens.

Of course, Jenifer is far more enthralled with my Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye!

Out in tents, the Livesounds and Loud & Clear stages are opposite each other.

Justin explains something to me while his colleague chimps a shot with my Zeiss.


Screen resting.

Kellster is the new Fun-Size.

…well I was not going to wait for the wind to blow harder to get a cooler shot.

Wazzaaa Azza!

I spy in your little eye…

I contemplated getting KFC instead.

Flash at 24mm, lens at 8mm. Obvious spotlighting effect will occur!

Mmm Sicilian/Malay mixed light-spinning twins!

The mighty sweaty Alfred captures me and drags me into the Stargate.

Thanks Hayley for taking this shot. I think. Well I thought it was you in that location behind the camera.

5 thoughts on “Some Burst Of Pictures!

  1. J Post author

    I hadn’t realised that two years had passed already … And OMZOG you weren’t asleep at 4am!!!!!!!!!! Or did you just get up at 4am? *shakeshead*

    I love the last pic! You two look awesome!

  2. Waifon Post author

    main kembar siam eh? or ni kembar siam konteks lain WTF. very nice pictures! BETTER than what i saw in ur a900 baby. and OMGITSLIYANAESTRELLAAIAAAAAIIIYEEEESOCUUUTE !!!! <333

    shit she doesnt need to do mousy pout to look adorab le. dammit ive got lots to learn RAWR. *mousy pouts*

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    J: The former. 2 years since what?

    Waifon: Sicily la bukan Siam jauh tuh! And I didn’t get to show you many pictures! You met her blowing bubbles from her (rented) treehouse in Sarawak before!

    KJ: Yeah man, in the name of bandwidth I had to combine them!


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