Some Burst Of Pictures, Part 2!

More from Sunburst KL 2009, 21st March 2009!

Yep, Erykah Badu passed us by (but still played at SXSW back in the States, hmmm!)

At least Jon Davis was there. At the graffiti wall that is.

Human hamster ball!

This makes me want to go peacock again! This reminds me how attractive dyed hair can be.

Whatchu gonna do with all that Junk?

The F1 blow-up (red) and the Sun (yellow) and Sky (blue) stage. Oh and the National Science Center in the back, in blue-green.

Reporting live!

His mouth would never tire.

Octagonal umbrellas, cool!

I’ve always loved spill-in sunlight.

Omar, former Xfresh TV host!

When the stalls run out of rice, these people do the job of looking for it.

I like the silhoutte!

It’s not you, it’s Justin Timberlake.

Blind masseuse. RM10 for 10 minutes. I had to go in the evening for my shoulders and feet!

Sazzy Falak gets dunked!

Natalie of

Ean of senses the imminent…


Tony Eusoff thought you missed.

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