Rock The World 9 Part Three!

26th December 2009: Rock The World 9 at Bukit Jalil! This is the hardcore Restraint.


John’s Mistress is back…

…with a new guitarist!

Say what? Ask Me Again.

The wider telephoto shots that have a shallow depth of field were shot with my freshly-gotten Opteka 85mm F1.4. Here’s Rosevelt!

Meanwhile, the Zeiss 135mm F1.8 was used for all drummer shots.

Nitrus, who has been around.

They did a cover of Duffy – Mercy. Fun!

Surf rockers Kugiran Di Tepi Pantai, who have been around even longer, were great fun. That guitar looked like something I saw from a distant memory in Peterson Guitars.

I wanna hold your haaand!” Beatles done surf style.

Forty Winks, who probably has as many members in the band.

Whatever happened to Faiz being vocalist for Lied?

The Roland AX-Synth, a legitimate Keytar!

Rendra Zawawi brings his dark folk to the folk.

Blind Tribe raaawrrr! No white face powder though; they’re death metal not black metal.

When headbanging with dreadlocks, you may be reminded of its smell.

Still, makes for a good shot.

Eve Oh, an emo representative of An Honest Mistake.

Artcore is hardcore!

Darren runs up to the crowd to tell them to buy his band T-shirt. Yes I want one too!

Lurks is still lurking around.

And that ends my daylight series – the next series of pictures were after the torrents of rain that caused a blackout on the power generators. They shall have stage lights!

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