That’s right. You heard it here from the horse’s mouth. Oh boy, what a smelly mouth it is, but bear with me, since you can’t smell websites. If you smell a fart, it’s probably yours. Unless I’m in the room. In that case, take cover and some fresh air outside. The computer isn’t yours the whole day. It’s not healthy; sleep is important, people!

Anyway, how did I get the scholarship?

There was this Brain Power IQ Test thingy at Informatics College, KL sometime in December 2000. The premise was simple: how much you score in the exam is how much discount you get on tuition fees.

I went in, sat for the exam, mostly simple objective questions, some what-does-BIOS-ASCII-etc. stand for questions, and some random general knowledge questions thrown in, like who was the fastest female runner in the last Olympics.

I then waited around for the results.

There was a big crowd, and there was a sole victor to the 100% prize. Me! I showed my identity card to be sure. Yes, 100%. There were two guys with 70% and a few with 50%. The rest got 30% or less.

I don’t think I got 100% though; they probably rounded me up (maybe I got 85%?) to make the quiz thing sound good. I was supposed to appear in the newspapers but heck, I never followed up on that.

I shook a lady’s hand.

Lady dressed in red: Congratulations! You won a full scholarship!
Me: (stoned) Thanks! Oh okay…

As I walked down to the LRT station, I didn’t show any signs of major joy. I might’ve jumped in my heart, though.

I later went with my dad to discuss the actual course. I was to start in the last intake of February 2001, as I wanted to start as late as possible, with commitment to Xfresh and all. 🙂

Turns out I had to pay RM2000 for other fees (registration, library, etc.) Ah well. Better that than RM17000+. The scholarship only applied till Advanced Diploma level, not to a degree.

Other than that, there were no conditions that said I had to work for them or anything. However, I couldn’t change course or center.

Now, 2 years and 6 months later, I am free!

What next, you may ask? I don’t know. My Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies has a degree version, but it’s either online learning or distance learning, two things that I will be very distracted at. Plus I wanna sit in a classroom with females! 🙂

Oh yes, here’s some guitar love from the 60’s heavy blues rock band Cream. You know, the one with Eric Clapton in it. Sunshine Of Your Love is simply catchy!

Tempo: 225 beats per minute is nice…

16d1 32#f1 32c2 16d1 32#f1 32c2 8- 16d1 32#f1
32c2 16d1 32#f1 32c2 8- 16c1 32e1 32#a1
16c1 32e1 32#a1 8- 16d1 32#f1 32c2 16d1
32#f1 16c2 8- 16a1 16a1 16a1 8- 16#g1 16#g1
16#g1 8- 16g1 16g1 16g1 8- 16d1 16d1 16d1
8f1 16#f1 16f1 8#f1 16d1 8d1 16d1

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