Because You’re Worth It

I’m so happy.

I went out with my oldtime revelation-disco-very buddy. After finally watching Terminator 3 (surprisingly lacking suggestive scenes but has an inventive car chase) we walked around the renovated and reinnovated One Utama. She got a call; she had to eat dinner with family in about half an hour.

She was going to stay while waiting to accompany me. “Why?” I asked.

Because you’re worth it?

Oh sorry, been watching too many advertisements.

Wow. My otherwise sleep-all-Sunday was made!

Of course, what was even more ironic was that it was just after noon that she asked if I wanted to watch it on that day. I sounded sick on the phone, having moshed my aching neck off in Saturday’s Taylor’s Battle Of The Bands, and she asked if I still wanted to go, since I’d be tired and all.

I said, “Yeah!

I wanted to say right after that, “Because you’re worth it?

Uh yes, I told her that too. “You serious?” “Yeah, really!” Of course, if I said it earlier, then she might not have said it, and I’d be the usual corny suspect.

The beautiful ironicness of it all makes my today a day viewed with a rainbow tint. (No, I didn’t pop LSD.)

4 thoughts on “Because You’re Worth It

  1. Jimmy Post author

    You naughty naughty guy. Ngehehee. Fuiyoo. Some girl says you are “worthy” of her time! Ngehehehe. Pheewit!



  2. uneeq Post author

    haha…’re worth it? issssittt?’s true. you are. =) Chong rox big time…nice layout btw. I like the top bar. Funky!

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