Mystery Caller

5:11pm, Malaysia’s Independence Day: I woke up to a phone call from some mobile number, 01?6997081. I pretended to know who it was, while sounding sleepy. Somehow she knew my name was Albert. There were giggling female voices in the background.

Me: Are you Dide‘s friend?
Her: Who’s Dide? I’m Mimi.
Me: Do you know any Christines?
Her: Er, Christine… Christine who ah?

Somehow I got it down to her liking iced Milo and fried mee. She just finished 5 minutes worth of credit. To that I respect her, being an honorable stalker and not just missed-calling me.

I then went back to sleep.

The mystery plagued me! Aaah! Damnit, I must find out, Watson!

I called her back, and 5 minutes of useless interrogation that was. She then messaged, saying that I’ll never guess.

She wasn’t a random number pranker; otherwise, she’d have done a mighty good job of guessing my name.

She sounded educated, but with a Malaysian accent.

If you have any clues to her identity or whereabouts, you will be rewarded with iced Milo.

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  1. Tiara Post author

    I get random calls from colleges sometimes. Once this one college (should I name them? *coughcough*cosmopoint*coughcough*) called (waking me up from my nap :P) and asked if I had received a letter from them. I said "No", and they hung up.

    What a waste of a nap.


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