Everlasting Fountain

I walked into the toilet of the Pasar Seni LRT station
As I held a full bladder I saw an irritated commotion
I was greeted by the backs of two men
Hoarding the urinals for since dunno-when
People were waiting and the booths were occupied
What took them so long to lower their tide?
Was it something about Pasar Seni
That conditions them to go on endlessly?
Why were they standing so close?
Were they afraid of an inaccurate hose?
What were they trying to conceal?
More importantly what was the deal?
Sorry sir I don’t mean to barge
But isn’t a urinal too claustrophobic for such discharge?
Thank goodness that one of them was done
I quickly turned the vacancy into none
I tried outdoing the forever man sailing port
I rushed high volumes but I was four seconds short
Call it ego to take a loss by heart
At least I didn’t have a four minute headstart

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  1. Albert Ng Post author

    I checked, and I still have my RBJ logo right smack center at the bottom of the front page.

    The only possible alteration is that I optimized the ghastly 15KB file into a 5KB one!

    Oh, and I always had a picture in RBJ since I last logged in. 😛

  2. Chris Post author

    Hello, this is Chris aka Akuma from RBJ (Rice Bowl Journals). As part of a volunteer effort, I am combing through the RBJ Malaysia section for broken links, outdated sites, links back to RBJ, etc. I noticed that either one or a combination of the following:|

    1.) your site is missing a link back to RBJ

    The Terms of Service have changed slightly, and they will be enforced. If you do not have a photo uploaded onto RBJ or do not link back to RBJ by September 30, 2003, your site is in jeopardy of being removed from the community. If the link to your site on RBJ is outdated, please log into your account and update it. I apologize in advance if I made a mistake and overlooked your RBJ link.

    Here are links to pages that you may find resourceful.
    Rice Bowl Journals: http://ricebowljournal.com
    Terms of Service: http://ricebowljournals.com/index.php?rbj=…28197&action=32
    RBJ logos: http://ricebowljournals.com/index.php?action=6

    Thank you.



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