Dual Head

I borrowed my colleague’s digital camera to take pictures of my beloved computers. Two computers, one being an AMD K6-2 350Mhz generation on the left, and an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ on the right, have a 17″ and 19″ monitor respectively. They look pretty.

Pardon me for the sudden need for you guys to download loads of pictures. 🙂

Dual Head! dhdh.jpg, 8
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3 thoughts on “Dual Head

  1. yunnermeier Post author

    you called me an effing feckhead! lol yeah okay I agree I was one..no heck I still AM one.
    btw liked your last picture.

  2. Ant Post author

    Labert! Had to use your blog as a mean of commmunication. I remember reading your “Writer’s Block” a long time ago and now I found it again here. I’m doing a speech for Drama and I’ve decided to talk about writer’s block. Can I use your poem in my speech, as something that would sum up the rest of my speech? Please? *puts on puppy’s eyes*

  3. Jimmy Post author

    Heck Sorry i wasnt there for the gathering dude. I was in PD with friends when you smsed me. And i ran outta credit. So erm. Sorry. 🙂

    Nice set of pics If only i have a digi cam with me. Dang.


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