Many things make me smile.

1) Winning a Lord Of The Rings Marathon ticket, which was screening on my birthday night, was one of them.

2) Getting the 19″ Princeton monitor back, and finding it does 1600×1200 at 85 Hertz more healthily than before.

3) Checking the ATM machine to find a long overdue payment was one of them. I could now get myself an electric guitar! Of course, I’d have to get a router/broadband modem and DVD writer first…

4) Finishing the final exam, and coming out on 30 minutes. Hopefully, no more reruns of subjects.

5) Going for more addictive tangy goodness, in a half-chicken flaming hot peri-peri Nando’s set. Yesterday, PY caught me on a moment of self-expression in the KLCC tunnel to the LRT station. What can I say? I wanted to do something stupid on the last day before turning 20.

6) Updating my About Me! page with updated links. Neatness!

7) Presents. Oh wait, I haven’t gotten any. 😉

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