I, Learned?

I wanna watch The Island. People say it’s good.

You know, the one where it’s the future and rich people pay to be cloned? And then when they get into accidents, they can get spare parts from the clones? Problem is, they have emotions too, and then one day they break out of the island, and the clones mix with the originals. It makes you wonder, are you you, or are you the clone? And…

Wait, what am I talking about? I haven’t watched the movie.

At least five people who start the sentence with, “Hey, I watched The Island. It was damn good! Bla bla bla synopsis.” Yes that many people have told me the synopsis without me asking. Nobody went, “Hey, I watched The Island full stop.

It must be either a really good movie, or there was a subliminal message planted in it that makes people want to tell you about it. See? I’m even telling you the synopsis. I’ve been told the story enough times already.

So yeah, I must watch it, so when friends go, “Hey on Wednesday I watched The Island and you know what? It’s awesome, it’s about…” I could go, “Yeah! I watched it already.

Then again, I could say “Yeah! I watched it already.” without actually watching the movie. Now, if only I was good at pretending I watched the movie when they go, “Hey remember that part? Did you notice that…

3 thoughts on “I, Learned?

  1. expectation Post author

    you know that day ah..i watched the island! it was good, until the second half of the movie. scarlet johansson is so hot!

  2. lionel Post author

    It was like a 2-hour long commercial, with irritating background music all the way. Michael Bay should’ve stopped at Armegeddon.

    And the science? In a vegetative state and without normal life stimuli, a clone’s internal organs will fail. Oh really.


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