Guitar Jac

So I was at Paul’s Place, and Paul was playing the CD he usually played in between bands. Some fancy shredder rock stuff.

Me: Who is this?
He: Oh! This is Jerry Felix.
Me: The Yamaha-endorsed professional drummer?
He: Yeah. Did you know that Jaclyn Victor of Malaysian Idol used to sing for him?
Me: Really? But it’s a guy singing this.
He: Oh, it’s one of the other band members. She sings on some other tracks. We might play it later if this band isn’t done doing their soundcheck.

Turns out I have that album! It’s Jerry Felix – … At Last! and Jaclyn sings in 3 of 14 songs. Ever wondered why her rendition of Sweet Child Of Mine was so sweet? Go get the album. She used to sing with these shredders (and drum-soloers or whatever you call drummer versions of flashy guitarists.)

Turns out Paul plays the CD in order. Those of you regulars will recognize the one with the aeroplane takeoff intro as Cherry Blossom, followed by Jaclyn’s Circles and Look, Don’t Touch, the hard rocking song I heard when the revealing conversation took place.

So yeah, now you know Jaclyn wasn’t just a pub singer with an album.

P.S. The title does not imply that she played guitar. It’s just yet another pun.

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