Sugar Sugar, Oh Honey Honey

Yes folks, this is a regular Coca Cola 325 ml tin, and a 5 grams packet of sugar.

It says that there is 11 grams of sugar in 100 mls, while the amount of sugar in a serving (240 ml) is 25 ml. Now who drinks only 73.8% of a Coca Cola can and leaves the rest for another day?

Supposing 100 ml had 11 grams, 325 ml has 11 / 100 * 325 = 35.75 grams. Now look to the right; a regular packet of sugar at 5 grams. 35.75 grams makes SEVEN packets of sugar!

Can you imagine drinking seven liquified packets of sugar?

Kids, carbonated drinks are bad for you. Low-sugar or “less sugar” canned drinks have 18 grams, or 4 packets. Not so obscenely diabetic.

5 thoughts on “Sugar Sugar, Oh Honey Honey

  1. sub Post author

    finally someone else has noticed.. my uncle once told me about the contents of sugar.. he works in Fraser&Neave.. been staying away since..


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