15th February 2014: JUMERO featuring Brandon Sta Maria, at Merdekarya!

I think this guy was Afiq.

Ashley Chan!

Didn’t catch this guy’s name.

Prakash Daniel, stand-up comedian with a guitar.

Then, for who we’d been waiting for, acoustic funk disco boys Jumero!

Ryan Gomes on percussion.

Featuring Brandon Sta Maria on electric guitar!

The later part of their set included covers of Queen – Another One Bites The Dust and Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive, done acoustically. They teleport you out of your Converse sneakers into sandals and fine sand in your toes.

Ann then? Ann then? Annnnn thennn?

Camwhore time! Vishnu is a action figure. Pull his hair, and his tongue springs out.

Merdekarya’s artwork steals the limelight of pictures all the time.

Regretfully, my camera decided to focus on the artwork. Argh!

It was Shane Tan’s last night, so we all gathered in musical merriment.

Kevin Vong is sitting on someone’s throne (the inscriptions on the panelling tell you who.)

Right to left: Ann Na, Arlyne and Adeline. Well no, her name is not Adeline. I don’t remember her name. Let’s just pretend everybody’s name started with A. I blame Alcohol for this.

Ryan is the combo breaker here. Otherwise, left to right: Andrew, Ryan, Ann Na, Ashley, Arlyne.

Shane is about to be as Azn as he can get in Australia where he’d pursue his Masters.


Dudes in shirts.

Some Ministry Of Blunk boys with some Son Of A Policeman boys.

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