Medicine Heaven Knew – Don’t Call Her Daily

Verse I:
You and her, you think that you are more than friends
And she likes you as though she likes split ends
But you, you think too much of one night stands
I’m here to warn you daily you two won’t be holding hands

Correct me if I am wrong
Your phone calls are really long
Don’t underestimate me dear
I’ll make you sorry you called her
You don’t answer any other phone call
For you she’ll never fall
Don’t call her daily

You got another phone call that will never do
I know who you’re trying to woo
It’s time you knew she feels uneasy
She’s not that crazy

Behind your ear grows green fungus
You chat even whenever you’re in unconsciousness
Without a call mmm you can’t survive
But didn’t momma ever tell you to hang up and drive

Verse I
Chorus (X2)

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