Gimme Some Money

I was walking from Pasar Seni to Masjid Jamek, downtown KL, when two Malay guys and one Malay girl were walking in my opposite direction. We would not walk into each other’s path, but suddenly one of the guys veered towards my direction, with his hands up like a bear’s, and a comical expression, and he said gruffly:


He then grabbed me moderately. I mean, like a bear would, but lighter. But not sissified either.

The way he played the joke, it was almost as if he knew me. Except he didn’t.

I stayed cool, somehow expecting it, and guessing that his friends dared him, so I turned to look at his friends, as they looked at him weirdly. He then smiled and I patted him off dismissively.

What was strange wasn’t just that he did that to a total stranger, but also that the total stranger totally understood what he intended to transpire, and played along. I have crazy friends who would do that! (To me, not to total strangers, of course.)

I then checked my pockets, and nothing was lost. A few hairs did stand up, but I was otherwise cool.

9 thoughts on “Gimme Some Money

  1. uner Post author

    hahah, i thought you trying to tell a tale.. like "…and finally he is, a friend o’ mine"

    dude, anyway, long time no see huh?

  2. Laynie Post author

    Oh I know some ppl who are always pulling stunts like that. Er… Way to go you for not freaking out! I would have reported him to the police purely because I’d be super pissed off.

  3. Lex Post author

    you should have got to know him and then exchanged your numbers, so you guys can go mamak… how about that? hehehe


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