Motorshow Pictures Part 2

And now, in continuation to Motorshow Pictures Part 1, from the KL International Motorshow 2006 at Putra World Trade Center.

This time around, old cars, like this Porsche-headlight-like Jaguar.

Jaguar V12. Rawr.

And for more Jaguars…

…and Jaguars.

Crank it up, Morris Garages!

This MG might be missing a few parts.

A car named Rover. Woof.

Motorcycles. Go doggie chase them!

Aston Martin from the front.

Even the back is sexy.

That is a Rolls Royce, boys.

Mercedes Benz, super wide.

I was hoping to see a Thunderbird, or a retro pony car/muscle car at least. Ah well.

4 thoughts on “Motorshow Pictures Part 2

  1. Matthew Post author

    yeah, by the way, Albert, do u noe Rosman from Astro, met him at Studio Ali Bawal ystrday during J Lo’s live recording


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