Trash, Can

And now, for number four. Guess That Trashcan!

The first person to answer correctly will be pimped in my next blog entry, with at least one paragraph. It’s practically a free and easy pimping.

Of course, if you want a more elaborate pimping, complete with custom-designed blog header and pimpage, you could always go join smashpOp‘s contest.

17 thoughts on “Trash, Can

  1. Ray Post author

    trash, can-not, nvr saw before… haha

    btw, just completed a mg gp03 stamen, pics at my blog.. 🙂

    have a great day dude…

  2. ChengSim Post author

    i’ve seen the black tiles somewhere. where already ar? *scratches head* errr…KLCC’s RM2 toilet? wait, i’ve nvr been there before. who cares? teehee. so, did i win the PIMPing? did i win the PIMPing?

  3. ChengSim Post author

    another guess: i think its at PWTC since the last few entries of yours, you wrote about some motorshow at PWTC!
    so, did i win? did i win?

  4. emilie Post author

    I’m not too sure where it’s from but it’s definitely, 100%, absolutely not from KLpac…….. er…. the toilet of cineleisure… or… funny feeling says kl convention centre… donnu la.. funny feeling…. 🙂


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