A recent meeting made me wake up and realize what was missing.

You want something done, you do it yourself. There’s passion because you know exactly how you want it. Paying someone to do it won’t work. An elderly mechanic can be paid to install a turbocharger in your car, but he won’t feel the passion to calibrate your car to maximize its performance. It’s not his car; it’s not him who wants that boost.

I have a vision, but I don’t want to have an MBA or be in a leadership position to see such changes take place.

I have it, I still do. And I look at it wistfully while following the path away from it.

If your mother (God forbid) was hit by a drunk driver, would you continue working for Heineken? What do people at British American Tobacco do? I imagine a bunch of people smoking in suits, thinking of evil ways to sell more cigarettes using psychological mindplay.

Of course, BAT has some amount of social consciousness. They provided a full scholarship for one of my deserving friends, who isn’t a Bumiputera. (I do not want redundant comments about how Malaysia is screwed. People do nothing but whine, and whining isn’t changing anything unless it is to the right people.)

Can you live with yourself? All you people want is more money. A bigger car and bigger exhaust and more pollution. You earn more but you spend more, continuously comparing yourself to a richer person. Get… real. Come sit with me at a mamak.

Do you remember as a kid, wanting to be a doctor, teacher or engineer? Coming out clueless, taking a Mass. Comm. degree while still being clueless, and being clueless, going into say Public Relations or copywriting and promoting one sugary drink over another.

If you’re clueless what to do (and thus, would do anything) could you at least do something that is beneficial for humanity?

(I know some PR people who aren’t in such brainwashing schemes so this is not intended for any of my friends. Really. And kudos to those who keep it real.)

P.S. The winner for the fourth Guess That Trashcan is Steph again! Yes, it was at The Curve. I thought it was one of the easier, more distinct ones anyway.

10 thoughts on “Passion.

  1. Silencers Post author

    A lot of people find it easier to sell their passion and be happy with the bit of money they get from it, rather than follow through with the drive from their passion.

  2. leech Post author

    what’s wrong with wanting more money, as long as it’s not by doing something at the expense of others?

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    tina: We go gig, then we go roti goreng. 😀

    Hanna: Nothing to do with you. I’m sure you’d do the right thing.

    Kuzco: Funny, that’s what someone who works at BAT told me to feel less guilty about herself. I also know of shampoo companies whose bottles dispense more shampoo than is needed.

    leech: You still good. My qualms are with those who work for an eviiil cause.

  4. Will Post author

    Passion comes at a price. You cannot expect passion for nothing. Pizza will not buy you passion. Scolding your staff will not get you passion. And until you pay that price, you will not get passion.

  5. tina Post author

    passion these days are rarely seen. unfortunately, the last i checked, to be passionate about something is becoming "un-cool" these days. very sad.. really.

    the fact that money talks.. well.. sad to say it does. but no matter how much money i have, i will always return to sri sinar for my roti goreng (hmm.. my mom lives there anyways.. so..)! btw, you should try it! its at the corner mamak at the total opposite of kfc. sometimes its not very nice tho.. depending on who cooks la. but.. hmm… yumm!

  6. Kuzco Post author

    <i>What do people at British American Tobacco do? I imagine a bunch of people smoking in suits, thinking of evil ways to sell more cigarettes using psychological mindplay.</i>

    It is actually thinking of ways to provide better quality cigarettes to consumers who are aware of the risks and consciously make the decision to smoke.


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